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Ready to define your authentic code, discover new ways to connect with your authenticity, and strengthen your decision-making abilities.

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4 Ways to discover and connect with your authenticty

1. Finding Your Authentic Code

1- week email course

1 email each day of the week that will help you define your personal authentic code. These quick-start activities are actionable and will give you tangible ways to filter everything that comes into your life so that you can easily create alignment with your authenticity in everything you do.

2. Tarot for Self-Discovery

4-week self-paced course

In this self-paced course you will watch step-by-step videos that walk you through a practical daily tarot practice that you can use to increase clarity and focus. This practice also helps you practice looking at issues from new and fresh perspectives. Includes workbook materials and 4 weekly community live chats.

3. Authenticity After Trauma

self-paced Roadmap course

This pre-recorded course provides you with a roadmap back to your authentic self after you have experienced trauma or a prolonged time of difficulty. We will also have check-in points available in each module.

A bit more about this course…

When we experience a period of prolonged trauma we will do nearly anything to make the pain stop. One of the things we do over this period of time, is make choices out of fear in an effort to protect ourselves. When we do this over a long period of time we eventually find ourselves not knowing who we are anymore.

We are made up of our choices; what we want, what we like, how we choose to spend our time, and who we choose to spend our time with. When we make these choices out of fear or avoidance, we find ourselves under a pile of choices that are not our own, or coming from our true selves. We lose the knowledge of and the connection with who we are. We take a journey away from authenticity.

The good news? We can take a journey back to ourselves. Uncovering, discovering, and connecting with our authentic selves again (even if we are still in different stages of trauma) we can learn again to make choices from a place of authenticity rather than fear so we can reset and live an authentic and fulfilling life.

4. Next Best Steps 1:1 Coaching

3-Month 1:1 Coaching

I’ll help you create your personal roadmap for your next best steps for specific projects or life moments you need clarity on so you can take confident action that moves the needle in the direction of where you want to go. Includes weekly calls, workbook materials, and email support.