Personal branding for Multi-passionate people

Ready to simplify your branding efforts without having to give up pieces and parts of yourself? Scroll down!

brand strategy- authentic self pathway
Branding and storytelling

Everyone has a story, I can help you tell yours.

Are overwhelmed by the multitude of projects and passions in your life each demanding their own branding strategy?I’ve been there, (and I can help stop the madness!)

brand coaching- authentic self pathway
  • Clarify the “you” that is at the heart of all of your projects and businesses
  • Create a roadmap of your brand strategy that incorporates the heart of what you do
  • Learn the skills to make your personal brand we develop together work for any project you dream up


Get to the heart of your personal brand and learn how to carry clear messaging into all of your projects without having to leave parts of yourself behind.

brand strategy- authentic self pathway
  • Define your multi-passionate brand message
  • Make a clear plan that works for all of your projects
  • Save time, money, and sanity with newfound focus


Craft a strategy to apply your personal unique brand messaging to all of your projects, businesses, and marketing efforts.

brand coaching- authentic self pathway
  • Clear the clutter
  • Get clear on your next best step
  • Make a confident decision that moves you closer to your goal


Grab a coffee and schedule a 30-minute call with me to get clarity around your next best step for a project or goal.


SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I’LL GIVE YOU SOME IDEAS ON WHICH PACKAGE WOULD HELP YOU MOST RIGHT NOW. The best place to start is always exactly where you are- and I can help you get started!